Network Security Monitoring

  • Digintrude
  • 06 Dec

Nowadays, protecting networks from growing intruder attacks is a complex challenge stood in-front of both public and private organizations. Predominantly, the IT industry is in severe risk in terms of securing their information systems as well as the entire technology infrastructure. This can be prevailed by deploying SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Software.

What is SIEM?

SIEM is a software application that is evolved by integrating the both Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM) activities. These security products would assist the security professional by providing insights and track record of operations inside the IT environment of an organization. Generally, SIM is engaged in collecting data logs, analyzing and reporting vulnerable information, while SEM involves threat monitoring, event correlation and incident response operations. By combining these operations, SIEM software product is assisting the IT industry in providing across the value chain of network security monitoring and management activities.

SIEM systems (SIEMs) address the risks raised in the network and helps IT security professional in encrypting their information systems and network in an efficient manner. Finally, SIEM software product threat analysis will be conducted efficiently through considering data similarity and relative associations in specific data. Proper implementation of this software product, SIEMs provides the following key advantages:

  • Provides the Best Data Protection: Manual efforts will not at all enough and accurate for detecting and analyzing the threats and correlating alerts across diversified security toolsets. A SIEM software product can automate and defend the entire procedure from collecting data to data normalization and data comparison (for similarity) especially for providing historic and real-time context. Thus, SIEM efficiently detects, confirms and deals with suspicious anomalies for protecting data from threats.
  • Consolidates Varied Logs from Several Devices SIEM tools integrate logs collected from a number of connected systems across the network and thus ease the process of identifying similar patterns. And then, these tools are engaged in interpreting the device type and analyze the each and every event log as they are received.
  • Improves Compliance:The SIEM software is a major component of the regulatory compliance program and is engaged in protecting entire corporate data. By implementing SIEM Software in a proper and efficient way continuous internal audits were not at all required, as the software product provides mandatory proof and assurance. In general, internal audits will be conducted for validating and verifying the regulatory standards.
  • High-Level Storage and Centralized Reporting: An organization without a SIEMs might not achieve centralized logging capabilities. The SIEM systems collect security log events from multiple servers across an organization. In addition, one of the major advantages of implementing SIEM tools is centralized reporting. The software permits a centralized data analysis. As a result, SIEMs can improve reporting procedures across the business environment.
  • Secures Your Network Beyond A Professional Can Do: The SIEM software product defends network architecture more efficiently than a security analyst work. Continuous network monitoring will be done through using SIEM systems. Customized data records will be stored and produced by using correlations alerts from various systems. In addition, SIEM product will also be used to track violations across the network over time for identifying continuing violations or intruder attacks.
  • Incident Response Event Will be Organized Efficiently:SIEM improves the efficiency of incident handling operations. The SIEM systems organize incident response events quickly. Once it detects any bug that will be analyzed and resolved with low latency. Incidents will be classified and clustered according to their severity. This feature of SIEM tools will surely improve the organization’s security.
Network Intrusion Management Solution and Service

As a part security intrusion monitoring Digintrude take this as a challenge to build a complete setup which collect security related log from network/ host and triage them into different category and do deep dive into those attacks and find out the root cause/ make it available as a evidence to do more forensic on similar intrusion.

Our solution on above network monitoring uses completed open source updated signature and behavioral based detection by co relating events from same or different source of attack and attack vectors. Our solution stands up and provide complete prevention to available most paid penetration testing tools. We provide end to end service for complete IT infrastructures network and host monitoring, triage, analysis, detect, prevent, forensic and reporting. To know more consult our sales team for a PoC.