Cyber Security the new source of competitive advantage for Health-care

  • Digintrude
  • 05 Dec

Investing in “Cyber Security” is a growth driver for many businesses who connected their information systems over the Internet/could/big data. This security platform is primarily designed and developed for protecting targeted systems as well as the entire network of an organization. These encrypted services safeguard the organization from potential cybercrimes/threats. With growing Ransomware and other advanced threats, enterprises are facing complex challenges in protecting and encrypting their information systems and network. This trend is driving the demand for Cyber Security services for defending their operations from intruder attacks. We provide penetration testing, vulnerability testing for understanding the integrity and confidentiality of the enterprise information.

On the other hand, in this digital transformation environment, Cyber Security has become a severe issue and thus multiple companies are putting huge investments in protecting their information systems from cybercriminals. Hence, the Cyber Security industry is gaining momentum Expanding digitalization is entertaining intruders and thus widening the scope for cyber threats. Every business vertical’ such as IT, Health-care, manufacturing, real estate, construction, and many other service sectors are facing a tough time in this cybercrime environment. So, they have to use Cyber Security services to mitigate this scenario.

Which Sector is Investing More Capital to Avail Cyber Security Services?

Among all other industrial and service sectors, Banking, Finance, and Insurance companies are investing more capital on Cyber Security services. These sectors are the most critical domains that are highly impacting by cyber-crimes. This sector has been invested around US$22,000 in FY2018, over 85% of increased capital in compared to the capital spent in FY2017

Not only this division, cybercrime is the biggest concern to all businesses in this digital era. Each and every organization is in fear of cyber threats. Irrespective of enterprise size, they are putting minimum investments for protecting their targeted systems. It’s a fact that investments are slightly increasing with growing cyber-attacks. This trend will be anticipated to drive an incredible growth of the Cyber Security industry in the upcoming years and would be a definitely a positive end to service providers and Cyber Security professionals.

How Cyber Security Services Are Gaining Prominence Across Health-care Sectors and How Health care Sector will be Profited with these Services?

Cyber Security is playing a vital role in shielding businesses from malicious attacks. An attack can come up from any corner and has the capability to damage the entire information systems of an enterprise. The global Health care industry market value is tremendously increasing driven by the growing and aging population. This was the major reason why hackers are focusing on interrupting health care businesses.

In addition, the digital revolution was also transformed the operational way of Health-care utilities. In general, Health-care utilities store a large quantity of patient’s information at one place through deploying IT applications. Hackers on the other-side are continuously trying to collapse that kind of vast data storage systems. Further, they are also focused on breaking the entire Health-care network primly for reading confidential information

According to industry surveys, approximately 5.1 million Health-care records are hacking every day due to threats. Hackers are focusing on stealing electronic health records specially to sell in the black market. In particular, hackers are highly focusing on rapidly expanding the US Health-care Industry. According to a publication, the country has lost approximately US $ 6.2 billion during the year from this unauthorized access to Health-care sectors. The developed nation itself unable to protect information systems from intruder attacks, we can imagine this kind of scenarios in developing nations worldwide.

What are Potential Cyber Security Services We Provide to Overcome this Scenario?

To overcome these threats and for protecting Health-care sectors worldwide, we provide potential Cyber Security services such as identification, protection services, threat detection and also involved in giving the response to a detected vulnerability in a system.

  • We do Risk Assessment: With our immense experience, we provide risk assessment services for identifying analyzing events that are going to break the entire network operations of an enterprise. The flow of our Risk Assessment services is depicted in the below image:.
  • Protection from cyber threats always on top priority in protecting small to large sized corporations. We protect your systems from cyber-attacks. Digintrude with immense experience is providing various protection services including Security Policy, Red Team Assessment, E-mail Security and training services related to Security Awareness. These end-to-end IT security services and solutions to protect your organization efficiently from unauthorized access.
  • On the detection services front, Digintrude provides services related for detecting unauthorized access to systems or threats. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing are two potential detection services we offer. In addition, we also expertise in detecting threats through implementing Network Security Related Services like Cloud security and Firewall protection services provides encryption to your organization confidential information.
  • Giving response to a detected vulnerability in a system due to an unauthorized access will be a challenge to the service provider. But, we with strong and well-trained incident response team gaining momentum in the industry in terms of more clients. We offer Security and Network Operations Centre and Risks Management and SIEM services to customers.

We also provide continuous monitoring services/network security monitoring services. Further, the company also provides DDoS Testing services that include implementation of various testing techniques (like UDP Flood testing, SYN Flood testing, slowloris testing and etc..., detection techniques) for identifying a hazardous malware in a system.

“Digintrude offering Cyber Security Services will surely ensure network protection while defending your information systems in the most encrypted manner”.