How Threat Management systems can benefit your business

  • Aditya Raj
  • 14 May

All businesses of different size or form face security threats on a daily basis. Digital threats provide hackers the anonymity and security that physical attacks do not. Unawareness of Online exploitation have left businesses vulnerable to attacks and exploitation, which causes loss of property, capital and data ; and is also a threat to the continuity of the business.

This calls for a secure and reliable ‘threat management system’ that observes behaviour, analyses security and defends against attacks. It is also crucial for these threat management systems to be efficient and minimize costs in order to remain sustainable.

What is Threat Management?

Threat management is a precautionary practice that ensures the integrity of data. Threat management systems use ‘early detection program' to analysis and detect vulnerabilities in the system. These systems include several services such as penetration testing, Intrusion Detection Systems, Event Management programs, vulnerability exposure, etc...

Modern threat management systems use a variety of advanced procedures to carefully analyse any system. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT modules, Prediction tools, Behavioral Analysis, etc. are all used in threat management systems to prevent exploitation and patch ‘holes’ in the system.

Threat management systems are highly attractive due to one primary feature, that is; all of the different precautionary measures are available under one roof.
It provides a sense of all round security and prevention of attacks. However, different services and packages offered by companies result in varied outputs. While one system may detect a vulnerability or exploit, it maybe hidden to another. Hence, trusting a singular source is not advised, just as we would not put all our eggs in one basket.

How can we put Threat Management to the best use?

It is important to be aware of what your management system covers and what are its requirements. In simple terms, most threat management systems cover these main services:

  • Identification and Inventory of vulnerable data
  • Overview of potential threats/exploits
  • Enforcement of data protection systems
  • Development of system security(firewalls, honeypots)

These are the four basic threat management services that are broadly categorized. Each of these sections can and should be specifically altered to support your business in the most efficient manner.
It is also necessary for the clients to cover questions such as;

  • How does this Threat Management system fit in with my business requirements?
  • Does this ensure the safety and accessibility of my data in the long-term?
  • Is this system sustainable and reliable over time?

Answering these questions will help in choosing the optimal threat management, tailored to your business requirements.

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To conclude; due to the steep rise in online hacking and data theft, it is essential for businesses, big or small, to ensure the protection of their data. This can save capital over time and also increases their trust with customers. Threat management systems are the simplest way to insure your data and stay protected. As they say, prevention is better than a cure.