Digihunt is one of its kind Network Threat Detection and Analysis tool solution provides complete comprehensive visibility to your network traffic and malicious incidents occur on the network and normally stay undetected by perimeter devices. This solution gives an in-depth analytics view for all types of Inbound and Outbound traffic after identifying the intrusions successfully.

  • Suspicious Incidents
  • Public Threat Attackers
  • High Risk Servers
  • High Risk Services
  • High Risk Clients
  • Network Flows
  • Network Top Talkers
  • Network Raw Logs
  • Network Suspicious Threat Detection
  • Network flow detection
  • HTTP Threat Analysis
  • DNS Threat Analysis
  • SSH Threat Analysis
  • SMB Threat Analysis
  • NFS Threat Analysis
  • Other suspicious traffic/service analysis using RawLogs
  • High-level findings report dashboard
  • Any suspicious traffic alert on Digipulse
Easy installation and deployment

  • Enable physical and virtual appliance on-premise deployment
  • Get best integration with network products to collect network flow logs
  • Get a free deployment & complete feature test on a virtual platform
Control your Infrastructure Network Data
  • DigiHunt us delivered with our fully secured appliance
  • User access & management available according to role
  • Hardened in depth for on-premise on MSSP deployment